DXing Websites of Interest

        DXing World - Information about Dxpeditions and DX operations around the world.
        ARRL Propagation Page - Introduction and links to charts on propagation.
        Lone Star DX Association - Texas DX Association Home Page with info and links.
        DX Calendar - Information on current Dxpedition operations.
        MyQSX.net - CommCat associated with logging, mapping and DX Bulletins.

        DX Clusters - Internet links that provide data on DX operations, frequencies, and calls.
                  DXSCAPE - DX Cluster and data base search
                  DXSUMMIT - DX Cluster by Radio Arcala - OH8X
                  HRD Cluster - DX Cluster from Ham Radio Deluxe
                  DX for Me - Popular DX spots for the last 24 hours
                  DX Spots - Google Maps with Latest spots.

Contest Websites of Interest

Contesting.com - Comprehensive site on amateur radio contesting.
        Contest Calendar - Comprehensive listing of contest and rule.

3820Scores.com - Lates unofficial scores of the most recent contest.
        National Contest Journal - ARRL official publication on Contesting.
        Tennessee Contest Group - TN Group for competative contesting and TN QSO Party.
        Amateur Radio Contest Resources - NG3K's page with Contesting Info.


D-Star Digital Radio

Moen Comm - Star*Board GMSK Node Adapter (Great Product)
        K6JM D-Star Page - Jim Moen is the source of the Star*Board and a great info source
       D-Star Info - Information on Icom's D-Star Digital radio from the Atlanta D-Star Group.
        Dutch-Star - D-Star without using Icom - Great adapter for the rest of us.
        GMSK Node - D-Star Node Adapter great to use for Hot spot or non-Icom repeater.
                                      (Great guy to work with, excellent way to get into D-Star.)
        Memphis D-Star - Memphis Digital Amateur Radio Club website.
       Intro to DSTAR - YouTube Video by John Davis at Dayton Hamvention 2013

Equipment and Station Construction

Powerline Noise - Information on how to eliminate powerline noise on your HF receiver.
       QTH.com   -   Ham Classifed Ads and more.
WaveNode - I love using my WaveNode with the Flex 5000.  Does a lot more than power.
WaveNode - More on the use of the WaveNode and interface to PC.
        CAT Interface Cables - 3rd Party CAT interface cables for all the major radios.


Top Sites in General for Amateur Radio

AC6V.COM - Top 10 Site covering all of Amateur Radio
        CQ Magazine - As it says, CQ - Amateur Radio Magazine
        Vanity Call Sign Status - AE7Q provides a site with licensing information

Flex 5000A and Software Defined Radios

        K3ROJ.COM - Digital modes using the Flex 5000A
        Flex-5000 video - YouTube video intro on this radio.
        More Features of Flex - YouTube video on more features.
        Software Definded Radio Articles - by ZL3DW (very good read)
        Abroham Neal - K3NC's site great computers for Flexser!
Individual Ham Sites I have found of Interest

K0JTA - Tower Cam, Repeater Info, 75 Meter loop, et al.
        NR5M  - Multi-station Contester in Texas they do it BIG!
        W1AEX - Flex 5000A and others

Repeaters, Repeater Directories and Repeater Infomation Sites

        KJ4TKV - North East Tennessee Repeater Association
        ARTSCI - Art Sci Repeater Database

Amateur Radio Related Fields or Areas

     APRS.ORG - Site about Automatic Packet Report System.
     APRS Satellite Tracking - APRSARS for Satellite work.
     APRS Links - WB4APR's list of APRS related links.
     APRS-FI - Local APRS map of Morristown, TN - LIVE!
     APRS-FI Users Guide - Wiki link page with details of APRS-FI.
     APRS-IS - Automatic Packet Reporting System-Internet Service
     Broadband-Hamnet - Mesh Internet Network 2.4 Ghz network
     HSMM-MESH - Firmware link for Linksys modems Mesh Network
     Open-Mesh - Non-ham site on Mesh networking in general
Amateur Radio YouTube Video sites of Interest

        KC6TYD - Great GO BOX video on how to build a net Go Box with Gator Case
        N0WAR -  Another net Go Box with more ideas
        N4KTZ -    More ideas on Go Box with Gator Case
        Ham Radio Intro - Glen Beck show on Amateur Radio
        Intro to Ham Radio - 30 min. on Amateur Radio - A little aged from 1999 - .NEAT!
        Intro to Ham Radio - 22 min on Amateur Radio - 2011 covers a lot.
        Ham Radio Shacks -  5 min video of various Ham shacks from a Texas Club.
        K7AGE - Lots of video on many areas.  Great for current hams on "how to" 3 min.
        ISS - International Space Station on Ham Radio - Great video on ISS.
        Big Gun - Big and expensive station in the Netherlands.  Huge antennas. 
        NR5M - Ham radio Texas style. Super station near Houston.  Link to website too.
        WB6ACU - Joe Walsh, musician from the Eagles ham station.  Bob Heil show.
        K3LR - Super station and more from Icom Radio News. 
        YL Love Ham Radio - Young Ladies (YLs) that love the amateur radio hobby.

Just Different links of interest to me and maybe other hams

      FCC ID Search Form for Equipment Authorization -  
      Ever wonder just who in China made that HT? 
      Is a PRXing the same WAcukait? 
      See what the company that the FCC list as manufacture and see other
      information of interest as to what the FCC has allowed that radio to
      do, that the company did not tell you about because they have an
      agreement with another company to not produce the exact same

Icom 5100 and 7100 Tranceiver Links

First Look - ID-5100 by AB5N - Excellent 30 min video program
Modification - Icom 5100 Mars/CAP Mod - Frequency Expansion Video
     Make you own Brackets  - Icom 5100 Tranceiver Video
     Mounting in a Prius - Icom 5100 Video
     Intro to the Touch Screen - Icom 5100 - Dual Band DSTAR Mobile
     www.7000mic,com - AB5N Microphone Upgrades for Icom

     DSTAR Info - Icom 5100 Blog - Atlanta Group page
    Icom Product Page - Icom 5100 Link to QST Review also found here
    Icom Product Page - Icom 7100 Link to QST Review also found here
     Nifty Stand - for Icom 5100 Head - I have one and it works fine
     Review ID-5100 - Written with pictures and graphics (nice).
     Icom 7100 vs 7000 - AmateurLogic TV with Ray Novak of Icom
     IC-7100 User Evaluation & Test Report by VA7OJ/AB4OJ - written report.
     Demo of the 7100 - Video by G0TAN 23 min video - good.
     Getting Started on DSTAR - IC7100 Parts 1-6 by G1ZRN - Video
     Using the DR Mode - IC - 7100 by N3JF Video
     Base Station Operation - Icom 7100 Video by Amcomvof - 2 min basic
     Ham Radio Now - Icom 7100 Review 30 Min video at Orlando Hamfest