DMR in East Tennessee

Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) is growing in East Tennessee.  For the most current information check out the site www.volnetdmr.org.  Join the group as we learn more about this new digital mode of communications.  The following sites share lots of good information. 

DMR-MARC Worldwide Network                            K4USD Network        

Amateur Radio Guide to DMR 

Intro to DMR by Long Island ARC  -  Excellent YouTube video explaining the Basics of DMR

Control Center - See your call and others live on the DMR Network

MITCOM - Several links on DMR and D-Star (Click on News & Info, then Info-Docs-Tools)

Getting Started - Where to register you radio for your DMR ID number (PRN NC Site)

NC, SC, VA, & WV Repeater listing for DMR Repeaters

DCI - cBridge Netwatch and Informaton Page - lots of good information here!
What is DMR? - Video on the basics of DMR - helps to simplify DMR.

MD-380 Review - Good review of the Tytera MD-380.

DMR at Foxhollow - DMR site with Contact Manager files.

Programming the MD-380 - Here is a different way to program you MD-380

MD-380 Demo - Demonstration of the MD-380 radio.

Unboxing the Connect System CS-800 - How to set up the mobile radio.
The video above is an excellent introduction to DMR given as a program to the Long Island Mobile Amateur Radio Club by K2YO, Bernie Hunt.  This is a good presentation for both the new DMR user and those that have been around for a month or two.  Well worth your time if you are interested in DMR.