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Until it is built, check out the QRZ page by clicking the QRZ.COM logo.
Until it is built, check out the QRZ page by clicking the QRZ.COM logo.
This is not a business site, although I may offer some equipment for sale, it is my hobby, not my business.  This is for the enjoyment of the amateur radio community and anyone that finds the page of interest.  As I listed in the marquee, I do this to learn.  I want to learn something everyday, and never stop learning, that is one reason I enjoy amateur radio.  There is always something to learn, so many areas of interest, and new areas being developed as time passes. 

I was first licensed as an amateur radio operator in 1981.  I was inactive during the years of "child raising" and became involved again in 2011, when our daughter when to college.   It was said in the 1980's that the home computer would distroy the amateur radio hobby.  The opposite happened.  Today in the US, there are a record number of "hams", over 700,000 licensed operators with the FCC.  The personal computer and amateur radio go together like bacon and eggs.  The PC has enhanced the radio experience.  My HF (high frequency) radio is a Flex 5000A which is a software defined radio, meaning,  the computer is the central processing part of the radio.  If your a ham, you have already experienced this.  If you are not a ham, read more, you might discover your interest in learning lies in amateur radio.  Enjoy.
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