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The Lakeway Digital Group has been formed to promote and develop digital radio communications in the Lakeway area.  The organization is in the process of installing the W4LDG D-Star VHF ad UHF repeaters in Morristown which should be on the air in late spring or early summer of 2014.  The group is also supporting the development of MESH radio networks in the 2.4 GHz band of amateur radio.  More informations will be posted in this webspace and other areas on this website as development continues.

D-Star Info - Atlanta Group site
D-Star Hotspot setup - create your own local connection
Western D-Star UK site with lots of info and downloads.
Morristown D-Star Info
D-Star for Dummies - The Reference Manual
DV Access Point Dongle - Installation and Operation
DHAP Basic configuration -YouTube
Using a DV Gongle with DV Tool to DStar -YouTube
DVAP Dongle Technical Reference
Raspberry Pi with DVAP - W5TMP Part 1 - YouTube
Raspberry Pi with DVAP - W5TMP Part 2 - YouTube
Configuring a Pi for DVAP with G4KLX image - YouTube
Moen Comm - Star*Board GMSK Node Adapter (Great Product)
K6JM D-Star Page - Jim Moen is the source of the Star*Board (great)
Dutch-Star - D-Star without using Icom - Great adapter for the rest of us.
GMSK Node - D-Star Node Adapter to use for Hot spot.
Memphis D-Star - Memphis Digital Amateur Radio Club website.
DV Mega Video -  Hot Spot from Europe (Have two - Great!)
DV MEGA - Home Page - Guus is a great guy, lots of help.
DSTAR-INFO - Blog with lots of video links.
DSTAR General Info page from Germany - lots of links and info.
Raspberry Pi Instructions from KE3C in Charlotte
D-STAR 101 - Basic Setup & Operations 1 Page on set
Maryland DSTAR - Links and general information
ircDDB Gateway Status - Current status of ircDDB repeater gateways
DVRPTR - Dstar Hotspot or repeater boards
DSTAR - Wikipedia site with lots of info.
ircDDB Remote App for Android and iPhone

Broadband-Hamnet   HSMM-MESH  (the heart of Ham MESH)
Intro To MESH -
OVER 100 Links to data, YouTubes, Reports !!!!
olsdr - the backbone of MESH networking - Equipment and antennas for 2.4 GHz
Michigan Digital Radio Group
Gateway Placement for Mesh Networks
Asterisk Radio Networks - How to put MESH to work
HSMM - Networks for Emergency Response Communications
MESH - Technology Frontier
Ubiquiti Networks Bridge Kits - Invictus
Ubiquiti - airMAX  - M5
Texas Amateur Radio Club BBHN site
Amateur Radio Computer Compatible Networks
KE6TIM Powerpoint presentation on MESH
Port Forwarding the Ubiquiti for Ham Radio Deluxe
Unwired Adventures - Has some good links.
Multiple Presentation Slides on MESH and other Ham items...
Grapevine Ham Radio - Ubiguiti Release for Amateur Radio
W4VLD High Speed Data Page - Using routers for repeaters...
Santa Clara County Roadmap for Data
Minnesota Amateur Radio Data Network Mixes DSTAR & MESH

HSMM Pi Tabletop Demo - YouTube
Pi Wifi HSMM-MESH Emergency Cloud Server - YouTube
HSMM Pi Tour - YouTube
HSMM using Ubiquiti Equipment - YouTube
Setting Up a WRT54G for HSMM-MESH - YouTube
How to setup a NanoBridge M5 - YouTube
Setting up a Point to Point Nano Link - YouTube
HSMM MESH - Raspberry Pi N9UUP - YouTube
Setting Up a Ridge top Node & Camera - YouTube
Webserver for HSMM-MESH - YouTube
Setting up you Hamnet Node - YouTube
Testing HSMM-MESH on Ubiquiti - YouTube
Adding an Analog Phone to HSMM-MESH - YouTube
Setting Up Asterisk on Pi  for HSMM-MESH - YouTube
Flashing Ubiquiti for HSMM-MESH - YouTube
Raspberry Pi with Cisco 7940 - Asterisk - YouTube
Raspberry Pi to PBX - Asterisk - YouTube
Raspberry Pi to PBX update - YouTube
Home VOIP with Asterisk - YouTube